Saturday, September 09, 2006

Pre Race Report

I am thinking back right now to everyday this past July and August when I would hold off on my bricks and long runs until the heat of the day. I always wanted to get my body trained so that I would be able to handle any conditions and mentally toughen myself. Great idea and perfect timing being that it was the hottest avg. high July we ever had in the big cow town, no sir no shortage of heat, humidity and misery this summer. Some one apparently forgot to tell me that my big "A" race was going to be held in mid 60's with rain and clouds up in Madison, Wisconsin. In a drastic turn of tempurature from the past two years of record heat hear in the dairy land we are staring down perfect weather for London for Sunday's big dance. Well the beuatty of Ironman racing is that you will be miserable no matter the conditions for the majority of the day only a fool lets something like weather surprise them or dissuade them. I feel great about my conditioning, training and mental state right going into the race my coach and I have really set my body up for success. A big thanks to Joel at the store for making my equinox 11 hum and pimping my ride with that killer new white handle bar tape, only the engine can fail us now. I am going to be riding a zipp disc and 404 front wheel on the course, though it's fairly technical I think the aero benefit out weighs the slight handeling challenge. It has also been a long time since I wore arm warmers, which I assure you, will be on my skin little body come Sunday. Wisconsin is a challenging course very hilly and unforgiving if you go out to hard a course that when it does sneak up on you will tear your head off, a lot of good athletes have fallen hard on the run. I am going to go heavy on the nutrition this race, only because I think in colder conditions we forget to drink and eat. You just don't feel as compelled when your aren't sweating and heating up. As always I will be stocked full of GU and GU2O products all the way, I think that a GU gel every 30 to 40 minutes during and Ironman is conservative and that if you really want your stomach and body to balance this is a good routine to get into, you will burn off the calories if you happen to be excessive. GU has a new product that they unvieled here at IM WI, Strawberry Banana it is awesome get your hands on it soon.In other news my taller, better looking cousin Bob was up in Canada two weeks ago handing out "beat downs" to any one and every one under and over the age of 43 showing he is still a force to be reckoned with. Bonswatt took 31st overall and 3rd in his age group once again qualifying for Kona were he will join his brother (my cousin) Matt in October. Go get em' boys!Well that is all I have for now, come Monday morning I'll let you now how it all plays out. Want to send a couple shout outs to fellow athletes from Kansas City, Dave Cee, Chris Yoos, Barry Ogden, Don Little, Ann, Dennis and Curt here's to going fast and being patient.

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