Sunday, February 24, 2008

EnduraCamp Success

Our Trek Stores sponsor a bundle of energy named Ben Schloegel- a top Ironman Triathlete. He is the epitome of the principle that life is motion. He puts on a few camps a year and just completed this winter’s session. The camps are fashioned to fit around an average work week schedule with early morning and later evening sessions. Now is the time to get in shape for this season's round of racing. Be assured that you will get a Workout, complete with Ben’s cheerful, not out of breath admonitions to get faster as he runs or rides beside you. If you are interested in the summer camps and complete coverage of this past week: check out his website at

In the meantime here are a few photos:

Come in to ask Scooter what he really thought about the Fit Pit...

Here are runners who think they're about finished...

Ben, Elisabeth, and first time runner of over four miles having just completed eight. Well done!

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