Friday, March 28, 2008

Josh Crow Interview

HRRC has a couple races under their belt and awesome bikes to roll across the finish line.
Josh Crow came into the store recently and Amber had a chance to ask him some questions.

When did you start riding?
I started riding in 1987.

What bike?
A Cannondale- touring bike It was white. (He didn’t know any better.)

How long has your team been in existence?
Since 2002.

Will you be hitting a lot of races?
We’ll be focusing on regional races. We will occasionally be going to the east coast and west coast for races.

What is your favorite post-ride chow?
Salsa & chips.

What do you like to drink during a ride?
Grape vitamin Water

Water & White wine

Favorite white wine?

Where’s it from?
Washington State. I grew up riding around Seattle.

In a recent poll at the Trek Shop you were tied as the best-looking rider on the HRRC team with Shadd Smith. What tips the scales in your favor?
I run the team.

What are the new riders (Chris Hall, Derek Gorke, and Joe Schmalz) bringing to the team?
Youth and strength. I think they’re great future talents. They’re up and coming.

What’s your favorite race? Why?
I have exactly two favorite races: The Tour of Kansas City and the Gateway Cup.
They’re at the end of summer- I love the heat and the fans. They’re great races to have family and friends come to because there are so many people.

What is your favorite cycling discipline?
I like criteriums- that’s because I’m too lazy to train for road racing.

What made you choose to work with Trek and our stores?
Jay Thomas. He and I started to get to know each other and decided we had the same objectives and we should put our teams together.

What is your favorite area ride?
My personal favorite ride- that I do daily- is down Mission Road into the Plaza and back around to my house. It’s about an hour and twenty minutes. It’s great. I love to have the people and the cars around. I don’t know. I’m an ADD rider or something.

What’s your best cycling memory?
Racing against Lance Armstrong and George Hincapie in the US Pro championships in Philadelphia in 1994. There were half a million fans. It was a sunny day and I was 18 so it’s indescribable. There were TV cameras and helicopters; it was awesome.


Lis Heal said...

This picture is not going to cut it. How are we going to judge who the best looking is??

Amber said...

I'm working on getting a photo...

Lis Heal said...

Way to go with the pic amber.