Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Never too late....

Here is the recap from my first day at the Tour of Missouri. I had the opportunity to ride the Kelly Benefits Team car for Stage 1. It was an amazing experience to witness this level of race from this vantage point. Listening to Jonas Carney and Kent Mills as the gave out instructions to the team. Ken was a mad man behind the wheel getting through the field as Johnny Sundt bridged up to the brake. Imagine the Dukes of Hazard, but in a VW Passat wagon. Once we made it through the field we were moving at about 60-70 mph to catch the break away. I don't think Ken was aware of the rollers in Missouri. As we hit the top of the first one he had to slam on the brakes in order to keep the car on the ground. Yee Ha!!!

I need to talk to the owners about getting this type of support before I race.

We are starting to make our way through the field to get to Johnny Sundt and the break away.

Say cheese Ivan!

Here the main field is with Garmin/Chipolte (George Hincapie leading the way) at the front driving the pace to catch the break away.

After that I never had a chance to really get more pictures. Well, except for our friend here with his co-pilot.

What an amazing event to have in our backyard and to have the hometown team of Garmin-Chipolte take the victory. Christian Vandevelde has the best season of this career and topped it off here winning the Tour of Missouri.

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