Thursday, May 11, 2006

Trek Anthem C Elite Helmet Recall

Anthem C Elite Helmet Recall - FAQ’s

Q: What helmets are affected by the recall?
A: Only Anthem C Elite & Anthem C Elite WSD helmets are affected. No other Trek helmets are affected.

Q: What is the problem?
A: Consumer Reports claims that the Anthem C elite helmet does not pass the CPSC impact test.

Q: Did Trek test the helmet?
A: Yes, Trek tested the helmet and it has also been tested by independent laboratories, and it was certified by CRITT standards. However subsequent tests by Trek after hearing from Consumer Reports indicate that the helmet may have a problem with the CPSC impact standard.

Q: Have there been any injuries?
A: No, there have not been any injuries.

Q: What are you doing for consumers?
A: There will be a consumer press release, but dealers should also try to contact consumers and ask them to return the helmet to their dealership. The consumer should be offered a full refund. Trek will credit the dealer for their cost of the refunded helmet once the helmet is returned.

Q: What should I do with the helmets that I have in my inventory or that I get back from consumers?
A: You should contact your inside rep with the information. They will fax you an RGA to enclose with the helmets you are returning and issue you a call tag to pick them up.

Q: Are there problems with the other Trek helmets?
A: Consumer Reports tested other Trek helmets and they passed. All of the Trek helmets are tested by independent laboratories and all product runs are regularly tested.

Q: Are all Anthem helmets involved?
A: No, just the Anthem C Elite helmet.

Q: How can I tell the difference between the regular Anthem and the Anthem C Elite helmet?
A: The Anthem C Elite helmet has a nude carbon crossbar across the front of the helmet. The regular Anthem helmet does not.

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