Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Go By Bike Update #1 Kristen

Well… I have my bike and I am ready to roll!! I had my friend take my picture right outside the front door of my loft – just like my first day of kindergarten with my new outfit – today was with my new bike and all the wonderful accessories Trek has given to me. I am so excited to have nice weather. I moved to the city last October and missed the walk-about town weather. I did make some walking trips, but for the most part weather limited me. So now is my chance to explore the city. This may seem like nothing for most of you … but I have never biked in the city. I have a feeling I will be doing a lot of “drive by shooting” for this blog of other people!! The city is an interesting place!!

I never really seriously “biked” other than when I was a kid, some in college. Going by foot or by car have been my only means of transportation. That said…. if anyone has any tips for a newbie on how to learn gears… I am open!! Is there a “Bikes for Dummies” out at the bookstores?

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becx said...

Way to go, Karen!! Congrats on your new ride. As far as shifting gears, ask the staff at the Trek store to show you what actually happens when you shift; idea is generally to keep the pedals spinning without frying your legs (i.e., on hills). Save the legs, use your heart..spin spin!
Good luck!