Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Go By Bike Update #1 Brian

Thursday, May 8, 2008

The big day finally arrived. About two months ago I entered a contest designed to challenge people to take short trips by bike. To my amazement I was one of the lucky few chosen to receive a new Trek bike and see if I was up to the challenge. So today I went to the local Trek store in Kansas City and picked up my new alternative mode of transportation.

The folks at the store were just incredibly nice and very customer oriented. I bought a few 'extras' and they added on the equipment while I waited. The main thing I wanted was some type of carrier on the back in case I needed to haul something (like a sack of groceries from the store or a basketball when I go to the community center nearby).

It's been a long time since I actually owned a bike. When I got married 22 years ago my wife and I bought bikes as our wedding gifts to each other (how romantic, you're probably thinking!). For the day, they were really nice Schwinn 12 speeds (my wife still has hers by the way ... I wonder if that qualifies as an antique yet?). Mine, on the other hand, ended up being stolen one night when we lived in California. So, for the last 18 years it's pretty much been just me using a car for transportation.

I'm looking forward to the first ride. We'll see how easy it is for an old dog to change!

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nrtrussell said...

you GO, Brian. and i KNOW i will start seeing some bike lanes around here - maybe on College -so that I can ride to work myself -(i just need a bike lane from Antioch to JCCC). THANKS! my brother, btw, rides about 400 miles per week - to and from work (CA), 50 miles at lunch (with others) and then 5 hours on the weekends. California is so bike friendly! Let's make Overland Park the same way. Nancy Trussell