Monday, April 14, 2008

New Bike


Alan Sikes keeps busy in his retirement as an employee here at the Trek Store as well as Gary Gribbles, where he has mastered the art of shoe fitting. If he’s around and you’re looking for shoes, his expertise is worth the wait. Last month he bought his first Moots, a Mooto XZ frame dual suspension two-niner. He laced up some Chris King hubs to tubeless rims. Put on Sram X-O shifters, an XT crank, Juicy Sevens, a Reba fork, and Time Attack pedals. Amber caught up with him last Sunday to talk to him about his sweet new ride.

Mr. Sikes, where was your first ride?
Shawnee Mission Park.

The day you got it?
Yea, it was a Sunday and darn the luck, we didn’t have much work. Scott asked if I would like to take off. The trails were pretty dry with only a few muddy spots.

How was the bike?
The bike was fun. It was, I don’t know if the adrenaline was flowing too rapidly through my veins, but it rode so well. It just handles better.

Where are your favorite rides?
Well, I’m going to find out how Colorado is this summer. I think I’ll go to Lawrence sometime and do the trails out there. The river trails are fun. I’ll probably hit Clinton and Perry.

Is the dual suspension 29er nice?
It is. I like it. I have a bad back, so I appreciate some suspension.

How does titanium ride?
Awesome. Yea, I’ve had a Legend, have an Ottrott, and a CX2 Ti. I do have the Concours CX, which is a cross bike. So I like Titanium. For me, it will last forever. It rides nicely. The titanium absorbs bumps and it rides wonderfully.

What’s your favorite post-ride chow?
Wow. There are so many things. I’d say a Chipotle burrito.

How would you compare the fitness of cycling and running?
They go hand in hand. I know running is harder on your body, but if you can
only do one or the other- if you’re short on time- a run is a good way to get a workout. You can get a good workout in thirty or forty minutes. They really compliment each other.

It’s been a blessing working here. The people working here are great- well to me you’re kids. So the kids working here are great. Every day I look forward to coming to work.

Check out those welds!

Moots builds Ti frames and the frames can come as kits. If you'd like more information on Moots, come in and see us.

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Lis Heal said...

Would it be weird if I printed out that picture of Alan with his Moots and his arm around the mannequin and put in on my fridge?