Thursday, April 24, 2008

New Bike

This is Dean’s Equinox TTX9.9 time trial ride. It’s outfitted with all Dura-Ace, an Aeolus front wheel, and an HED wheel in the rear. He rides Speedplay Zero pedals.

How do you train?
I’ve been training with Jim Whittaker as a coach since 2002. It’s primarily for road and cross. I ride mostly six days a week; it amounts to about 12-14 hours a week. Working with a coach has made a big difference in my fitness.

What is your favorite route around Kansas City?
I think one of my favorite rides is the Wednesday night hill ride. It’s hard and intense but it doesn’t last very long and it feels so good when you’re finished. That’s also why I like time trials: because it feels so good when you stop.

What's your favorite race?
I think Jingle Cross. It was good competition and a course that was hard but not crazy technical. There were large fields, I think in my group- the 55s- I had 12 riders. That’s a big group for that age. They had good crowds; the spectators were fun. (He didn't mention how the race turned out so Amber asked. He decimated.)

Hang on. I just thought of my favorite. 2002 Cross Nationals in Napa California. It rained 15 inches that weekend and I got Second.

What do you drink during a ride? After a ride for recovery?
During a ride I’ll alternate between Accelerade and Powerade. My favorite flavors are blue. And I like chocolate milk for a post-ride drink.

Do you worry about your daughter on the rink? She is a roller derby chic.
Yeah. It was pretty good after I broke my collar bone. She showed me a bruise on her thigh. I said, oh, that’s nothing. I showed her a bruise that went from my knee up to my waist. (For Dean, that is a long way.) That hip is still bigger than the right side. We compared bruises. My him and my her hip.

What does your nickname (FOG) mean?
Frickin’ Old Guy or in polite company it’s Fast Old Guy. Cause I was the oldest one on the team.

What has kept you riding and racing?
What has kept me riding is the fun part of it and the fact that it satisfies that competitive urge. I ran track and cross country all through high school and college. I can’t swim good enough to do triathlons. I think another part of it is the people I have met and have helped make it enjoyable as well.

You’re never too old. I didn’t start racing until I was like 40, around 1992. As I’ve gotten older other problems have come up, but you just keep plugging away and find out ways to work around them.

Dean and his wife, Deb, traveled to Nebraska City the weekend of April 12 to celebrate her birthday and Dan and Alice Hansen's anniversary. They said to tell everyone "Hello!"

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Alice said...

Great story and pictures Dean...actually I was hoping to see the "Old Geezer" picture!