Wednesday, April 09, 2008

New Bike

Trek Store Employee and local principal Alejandro Schagel took home his new Serotta today. The Legend Ti SE with carbon rear end, Dura-Ace gruppo, and tubeless Dura-Ace wheels weighed in at 17.5 lbs. He opted for a pewter Chris King headset with gold race and silver top cap with understated Celeste bar tape and King Ti cages (not Chris). He rides Keo Look Carbon pedals.

Where are you going to ride this thing first?
I don't know probably on a ride with my lovely lady, Anja, who will be riding her Serotta Concours CX.

You have 'porcelain artiste' tagged on the side of your new bicycle. What's that about?
I earned this bike by cleaning 4,267 toilets and you, too, can do that.

When did you start working at the Trek Store?
I started the month after it opened- in April 2004.

What's your favorite Trek Store memory?
My favorite Trek Store memory... there are so many. You know a good memory was with our first store manager, Doug Plumer, who would pop his jaw. Another was with our next store manager, Stacey, when she flirted with Tony. Another good memory was when the next store manager came. It was just like 'the Price is right' at all times with Tom Price. My last good memory is with our present manager, Scott 'the Bull' Stevens, who hired our in-house journalist Amber Chambers. The fondest memory of all was when Caitlin and I washed the windows last year for the Discovery Team to visit. That was another good memory- I spoke Spanish with Alberto.

Is this bike going to be your favorite?
It will be my favorite until the next one comes along.

Are you planning to race this bike at all?
No. Just plan to sleep with it.

What are your favorite times to ride?
Um, high noon on a summer day.


Lis Heal said...

Love that he's sitting on the toilet with his bike wearing cleaning gloves!

Alice said...

Love the gloves Alej! Miss all of you!