Monday, April 07, 2008

Race at Bazaar

Today Amber talked with a local race legend, FOG- Dean Parker- about racing the Bazaar road race in Bazaar, KS, on Sunday.

Race recap:

Had about ninety entrants- field was decent. There was great weather, although a fairly strong northwest wind could punish you. It made for twenty-five miles straight into the wind. I did the Masters group, which had about twenty-nine riders.

Silent pause. Amber asked: Well, how'd you do?
Oh, (grin) I won. I won my age group- the fifty-fives. I got away from the pack with a group of forty-five year olds and we stayed ahead of them.

What bike did you ride?
I was on my Lemond Victoire. I rode tall Aelous 6.5s. They did work very well in the cross wind. Some people were concerned about the tall wheels but they did very well. The race was fifty-three miles. What was fun was a downhill finish with the wind, it made for a Fast sprint!

This year the race was straight pedaling. Last year they were burning the fields around the course, so you could feel the heat from the flames. This time it was only the heat from fast legs.

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